Considered is a cylinder channel with a single row of 10 aligned impinging jets, with exit flow in the axial direction at one end of the channel. For the present predictions, an unsteady RANS solver is employed for predictions of flow characteristics within and nearby the 10 impingement jets, where the jet Reynolds number is 15,000. Spectrum analysis of different flow quantities is also utilized to provide data on associated frequency content. Visualizations of three-dimensional, unsteady flow structural characteristics are also included, including instantaneous distributions of Y-component of vorticity, three-dimensional streamlines, a shear layer parameter, and local static pressure. Kelvin-Helmholtz vortex development is then related to local, instantaneous variations of these quantities. Of particular importance are the cumulative influences of cross flows, which result in locally increased shear stress magnitudes, enhanced Kelvin-Helmholtz vortex generation instabilities, and increased magnitudes and frequencies of local flow unsteadiness, as subsequent jets are encountered with streamwise development.

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