Performance acceptance test for gas-steam Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) is of great significance for both equipment manufacturer and customer. The influence of measurement error on the calculation of guaranteed performance data as power output and heat rate can lead to unnecessary loss for either party. Commonly used uncertainty analysis method based on ASME PTC 19.1 would require all measuring instrumentation working at designed accuracy range. Meanwhile, due to the complexity of CCPP system and large number of measuring items, and as well the propagation of measurement and data reduction error, the uncertainty of corrected performance data could be significant. In this paper, process data reconciliation method based on VDI 2048 is introduced. With access to complete performance test data from a CCPP project, data reconciliation calculation is performed with an appropriate thermodynamic model. Several measurement values with gross error are identified and verified in heat balance calculation. Moreover, after recalculating with the reconciled data instead of raw data for the corrected power output and heat rate, comparison with the common uncertainty analysis method is also carried out. It is shown that with this reconciliation method, it is not only possible to find out gross errors such as instrumentation drift, but also able to dramatically increase the test result accuracy, which is of great value for both manufacturer and customer.

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