The GE Rapid Response plant design is described and compared to conventional combined cycle plant design. Advantages of the Rapid Response improved operational flexibility are explained and compared to conventional combined cycle plants. Improvements include faster power delivery to the grid, more economical plant startup, more profitable plant startup and lower emissions during plant startup.

The capability of a drum type HRSG for the Rapid Response cycling service is explored. Joint studies between GE and HRSG suppliers are highlighted supporting the adoption of drum type HRSGs for this cycling service. Necessary modifications to other plant equipment are explained.

Quantitative comparisons of Rapid Response and conventional combined cycle plant operability are given for electrical energy production and emissions reduction.

An advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction SCR control is shown providing improvements in combined cycle plant transient emissions control. Elements of the new control are explained. Argument is made to designate the new control as a second generation GEN II control compared to all other currently existing controls designated GEN I.

A brief outline of the current state of Rapid Response plant deployment is provided.

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