The capability of a Linearized CFD Method for predicting turbine tone noise is investigated through comparison with measurements. To start with, a benchmark problem on flat plates is presented, and results are put together with those published by other authors. Then, numerical predictions are compared with measurements from two Low Pressure Turbines (LPTs), which have been tested in different facilities. The first specimen is a three stage cold flow rig, noise tested in the CTA facility (Bilbao, Spain) in 2012, and funded by the Clean Sky EU Program. The second is the ANTLE LPT rig, full scale, cold flow, noise tested in the TSTF in Rolls-Royce (Derby, United Kingdom) in 2005 and funded by the SILENCE(R) EU Funded Program. The comparison includes multi-stage effects, clocking sensitivities and acoustic scattering through Outlet Guide Vanes (OGVs).

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