A significant proportion of the work effort for a whole engine analysis is spent for prep-processing tasks especially for component assemblies and complex structural components. With respect to the generation of a pure hexahedral mesh, the work effort increases due to the absence of an automatic method to generate high quality hexahedral meshes for an arbitrary geometry. In addition, the time-consuming hexahedral meshing process contains numerous, repetitive tasks for large and complex assemblies due to similar and identical components.

In this work a modular strategy for hexahedral meshing of large and complex assemblies was explored with the aim to reduce and to simplify the development process due to a prospective semi-automation of time-consuming routines. The procedure bases on an initial identification and classification of each component of the whole assembly regarding e.g. overall meshing complexity. Meshing relevant parameters were identified for geometry preparation and hexahedral meshing itself. Furthermore, for semi-automation the software package NX (Siemens NX Software), in particular the incorporated automation tool Product Template Studio (PTS) was investigated which enables an automated re-meshing of the geometry model in case of design changes.

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