The following numerical investigations are performed in the frame of a research project that aims at a better understanding of the flow unsteadiness that develops in a multistage high-speed axial compressor. First, the paper presents a new version of the 3.5 stages high-speed axial compressor CREATE (Compresseur de Recherche pour l’Etude des effets Aérodynamiques et TEchnologiques), which has been designed by Snecma and is based at the LMFA (Laboratory for Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics) on a 2MW test rig. This paper is based on numerical results obtained with 3D steady and unsteady RANS computations using the CREATE configuration. The unsteady RANS simulations are carried out over the whole spatial and temporal periodicity of the compressor. The main numerical setup has been fixed according to the state of the art. Second, the effect of three different time discretizations on the flow field in CREATE is discussed. The global performance of the compressor is not significantly affected. However the change in the time discretization impacts the structure of the flow at specific locations. The main focus of this study lies on the transport of flow structures and the analysis of their interactions. A double modal decomposition method, which highlights the specific contribution of the interactions on the overall flow field, is applied for the study of the highly complex and unsteady flow field. It allows identifying which interactions are more sensitive to the change in the time discretization.

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