The High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) is developing high-fidelity simulation tools through the Computational Research and Engineering Acquisition Tools and Environments (CREATE™) program. CREATE-AV is the component of the CREATE program focused on air vehicles. Kestrel is the simulation product for fixed-wing aircraft in the CREATE-AV program. To investigate engine/inlet system performance and operability issues, the Kestrel product includes the capability to model propulsion components in aircraft simulations through the Firebolt propulsion component. Firebolt Capability 1 accounts for propulsion system effects by integrating a 0-D engine model directly into the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) process. Firebolt Capability 2 extends the capability by enabling the user to couple full-annulus 3-D rotating turbomachinery into the aircraft CFD simulation. This paper gives an overview of the Kestrel product including the Firebolt propulsion capability. In addition, this paper will demonstrate Firebolt Capability 1 and 2 by applying a 0-D TF34-GE-100A engine model and a TF34 3-D full annulus rotating turbomachinery fan in an A-10 aircraft CFD simulation. Finally, the inlet performance for the nacelles with both the 0-D engine model and full-annulus turbomachinery fan will be compared to subscale wind tunnel inlet test data.

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