The present work is devoted to some results of using the MSC.SimManager for development of Multilevel Turbofan Simulation Environment (MTSE). The current MTSE’s versions include: subsystem of turbofan’s design and simulation on 1D level; a subsystem of turbofan’s low pressure system (fan, booster, low pressure turbine) steady and unsteady aerodynamic analysis on 3D level; a subsystem of turbofan’s nacelle steady aerodynamic analysis including inlet, bypass and nozzles flows at 3D level. These subsystems based on CAE applications (in house and commercial) allow execution of all the necessary sequence of actions, including engine’s flow path parameters, geometry model adaptation (NX), mesh generation (ICEM-CFD), aerodynamic calculation (CIAM’s in house COBRA code), raw data processing (Tecplot, Excel). The MTSE is realized as specialized Web-portals and all the data and results are stored in a unified database with opportunity to audit each stage of process and all the data base content.

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