In a previous paper, a criterion for multiaxial lifing of turbine disk bores made from a nickel base super alloy, DP-718, was substantiated using results from spin pit testing of mini disks. In this paper, another turbine and compressor disk alloy, Alloy 10, exhibiting a different material behavior than DP-718 is examined from multiaxial point of view. This new alloy manufactured by powder metallurgy processing, has a coarser grain size, lower tensile yield strength, contains a much finer distribution of brittle carbides in its microstructure and shows a significant difference in failure initiation behavior under low cycle fatigue when compared to DP-718. Under the multiaxiality conditions experienced by disk bores, Alloy-10 lives seem to correlate well using an effective stress based criterion, whereas DP-718 was found to follow principal stress based criterion. Interesting differences between DP-718 and Alloy-10 in alloy and fractographic behavior under uniaxial and multiaxial conditions are discussed.

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