The non-equilibrium phase transition model in CFX is used to simulate the non-equilibrium condensation flow in Laval nozzles. The Eulerian-Eulerian governing equation of multi-phase computational fluid dynamics model is utilized to solve the two-phase flow with k-ε turbulence model. By simulating the spontaneous condensation flow in 2D and 3D models Laval nozzles with different geometries, non-equilibrium phase transition and condensation shock are captured. Our numerical results indicate that the pressure distributions and water droplet diameters are compared with the experimental ones under the same situation. It is shown that the results of 3D model agree with the experimental results better, while the pressure distribution curve of 2D model exhibits the “2D effect”, which may cause calculated errors. Finally, the temperature characteristics of non-equilibrium condensation in transonic steam flow are computed with 3D model and the influence of the inlet temperature on the condensation characteristics and position of shock wave is analyzed.

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