Impingement cooling is widely used in turbine vanes and combustors. With the increase of turbine inlet temperature, high heat transfer coefficient and low pressure drop are required for cooling structures. A series of new impingement configurations combined with corrugated orifice and pin-fins were developed in the present work. Both transient liquid crystal (TLC) and pressure measurement were applied on the impingement cooling structures. A 3D numerical method was also used for conjugate heat transfer simulation. Corrugated orifice helps decrease the pressure drop by decreasing the speed of cross flow. Experimental data show that, corrugated orifice is helpful in reducing pin-fin induced pressure drop but contributes little to heat transfer. Pin-fins increases both the heat transfer and pressure drop lightly. Conjugate heat transfer simulation shows that pin-fins significantly reduce the metal temperature by conduction. Structures with pin-fins can make a good use of the large surface area of corrugated orifices.

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