This investigation focused on the analysis of using the Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle) to improve the efficiency of a gas turbine engine. By combining the Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle) with an open Brayton cycle, a new cycle, is known as the Maisotsenko Combustion Turbine Cycle (MCTC), was formed. The MCTC used an Indirect Evaporative Air Cooler as a saturator with a gas turbine engine. The saturator was applied on the side of the turbine exhaust (M-Cycle#2) in the analysis. The analysis included calculations and the development of an Engineering Equation Solver (EES) code to model the MCTC system performance. The resulting performance curves were graphed to show the effects of several parameters on the thermal efficiency and net power output of the gas turbine engine. The models were also compared with actual experimental test results from a gas turbine engine. Conclusions and discussions of results are also given.

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