Front rotor tip vortices impinging on a downstream blade row of an unducted propulsor induce distinct unsteadiness to blade loads with associated sound emissions. Since the region of unsteadiness is concentrated near the blade tips, reducing the rear rotor tip diameter represents a potential means for minimising interaction noise. A survey on the aeroacoustic effects resulting from a cropped rear rotor in combination with a front rotor blade tip modification is therefore presented. Analyses are based on data from computational fluid dynamics solutions with the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations and direct acoustic predictions. The evaluation of polar directivities, blade surface pressure disturbances and details of the unsteady flow field provide insight into the underlying phenomena. Results show that an arbitrary reduction of the rear rotor tip diameter does not necessarily decrease noise radiation and that winglet-like structures applied to the front rotor blade tips are capable of reducing acoustic emissions due to tip vortex-rotor interactions.

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