This paper presents experimental investigation conducted on a 2-stage low speed axial research compressor with cantilevered stator vanes. Flow fields at four different axial locations in the radial stacking and bowed stator passage were measured at maximum flow point and near stall point using 4 five-hole pressure probes. The aim of the work is to study the effects of the bowed stators with hub clearance on the flow field of compressor blade passage. The investigations were conducted with the first stage of the compressor. The hub clearances of both original and bowed stators are 1.1% of span. The results show that the scale of the separation vortex, the hub leakage vortex and the lower passage vortex in the bowed blade passage becomes much smaller and the hub leakage vortex is closer to the suction side at near stall point, which causes a much smaller mixing loss in the blade passage.

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