Vericor Power Systems (Vericor), the manufacturer of the ETF40B turboshaft engine used on the US Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) vehicles, has introduced a new Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) to replace the original FADEC currently in service in the Navy LCAC fleet. After several attempts to improve the reliability of the original FADEC to meet an acceptable standard, the original FADEC has remained unreliable in service.

In 2008 Vericor initiated a self-funded development program to replace the original engine control. Alternative FADEC design approaches were considered and ultimately Safran Electronics Canada (SE-C) was selected to design and manufacture a single-channel purpose built embedded controller that would control ETF40B engine/LCAC application as well as other Vericor gas turbine engines.

The design effort began in August 2010 and the first on-engine tests occurred in July 2011. Environmental/EMI qualification testing was accomplished to aggressive temperature, shock, vibration and Mil-Std-461F requirements leading to field deployment in the spring of 2013. This paper describes the requirements for this FADEC, its design pedigree, and the development and testing of the unit leading to US Navy use on the ETF40B equipped LCACs.

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