The results of surface pressure measurements are presented in this paper to gain further insight into the lift changing influence of finite width micro-tabs, especially in adjacent airfoil sections. Micro-tabs are a promising concept for load control on wind turbines. Local pressure distributions were measured in several rows of pressure taps in the vicinity of the finite width micro-tab attached to a FX 63-137 profile at low Reynolds numbers. The investigation focuses on length dependency, chordwise position, and interaction between two micro-tabs. Additionally, stereo Particle-Image-Velocimetry measurements were conducted to study the structure, sense of rotation, and influence of tab-induced tip vortices, as well as the impact of a finite width micro-tab on the model’s near wake. Experiments reveal relative changes of more than 30 % in the pressure coefficient distribution upstream of several micro-tab configurations. Furthermore, increments of 20 % are recorded in neighbouring sections not directly controlled by micro-tabs. Even higher changes are obtained in the region between two tabs. These improvements are attained due to local and global changes in the effective camber.

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