Squeeze film dampers play an important role in the dynamics of modern turbomachinery by improving vibrational response and stability. The present paper develops an effective tool for evaluating the forced response of these systems under parametric changes. A flexible rotor with multiple masses supported on a squeeze film damper at one end is investigated. The forced response of this asymmetrically supported system is obtained using the harmonic balance method with a predictor-corrector procedure. This response is examined with various parameters including unbalance forces with and without fluid inertia effects, unidirectional loads, stiffness of centering spring of the damper and the gyroscopic effects of the disks. The developed tool predicts the nonlinear jump phenomenon of the damper with large unbalance forces, indicates the present of multiple harmonics within the response with high damper eccentricity and shows the insensitivity of the damper to surrounding gyroscopic variation.

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