Inlet total pressure distortion has great effects on the performance and stability of compressors. The Non-uniform flow influences the flow field of rotor tip and stator hub more significantly. If stall occurs, it often begins in one or both of these two regions. Which region is more sensitive to the nonuniform flow and how the mechanism of distorted flow influences the compressor flow field are topics of great importance and should be studied carefully.

In this paper, the exploration of how the inlet total pressure distortion influences the flow field of rotor and stator end walls will base on the study of one-stage supersonic compressor with one rotor and one stator. Two aspects of the results will be analyzed in detail. The first aspect is about the dynamic response of shock wave to the inlet parameters in rotor casing area, the variation of shock wave intensity and structure with inlet flow parameters, and the mechanism of shock motion. The process of flow parameters variation in rotor cycle can be divided into four stages. The second aspect is about the analysis on the flow parameters near end walls and development of corner separation in stator. The study indicates that corner separation is induced by the distorted flow near stator hub and casing. Flow structures in each passage are different due to the different positions of distorted regions. The relationship between intensity and range of corner separation, and the change of inlet velocity angle and flow capacity, will be discussed in detail.

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