This paper presents an investigation of fan rotor interaction with potential pressure disturbances produced by a downstream pylon. Three-dimensional unsteady viscous analyses are performed for two fan rotor-stator-pylon configurations with different axial gaps between the stator and the pylon, and compared with the experimental results. To clarify the impact of the rotor-pylon interaction on the potential pressure flow field, a numerical analysis for the configuration in which a fan rotor is removed is also performed and compared with the numerical results with fan rotor. Actuator disk analyses are also performed to interpret the flow structures observed in the experiments and the numerical results. It is found that a fan rotor-stator interaction also exists in the fan flow field, and this may impact on the upstream propagating potential flow that dominates the unsteady forces acting on the rotor blades. A coupled analysis between fan rotor and stator is essential to accurately predict the unsteady blade force.

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