A segregated pressure-based solver for compressible flows for turbomachinery applications has been developed to investigate the flowfield the compressor side of a turbocharger. The solver is based on the open source CFD library OpenFOAM. Local time stepping is employed, the total energy equation is implemented and the multiple reference frame approach is utilized. The solver has been validated using two test cases for centrifugal compressors. The first case is the simlation of one blade passage of the DLR centrifugal compressor for highspeed subsonic flows. The complete compressor side of a turbocharger is used as second test case, including ported shroud and volute. The performance maps are calculated for several rotational speeds. In each case, numerical results and test bench measurements show a good similarity and the slopes are met well. The performance is overpredicted by up to 5 %, though.

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