Gas turbine engine uses diffuser system to decelerate the compressor exit flow velocity before it enters combustor, it is important to design the compact structure and high performance of the diffuser for gas turbine engine. The diffuser and combustor dome configurations are critical flow path parameters in the design of a low-pressure-loss, high-performance combustion system. With rising of the inlet Mach number of the combustor, dramatically increasing of the diffuser total pressure loss and flow separation. So a new distributor diffuser was designed. In this paper preliminary results from an experimental investigation into the aerodynamic performance on a rectangle combustor-diffuser system with seven distributor plates were presented. Measurements were taken in the diffuser section to assess the diffuser performance characteristics under various conditions, the appropriate outlet flow field can be attained by changing the plate area ratio and form. Tests were carried out to investigate the influence of distributor diffuser plate geometry. During these measurements for each parametric configuration, data were obtained at 24 different flow rates through the distributor diffuser, it gave the conclusion that the distributor diffuser area ratio could be more than traditional diffusers with shorter construction and higher pressure recovery performance, while the flow loss through it was not beyond the traditional limit. Overall static pressure recovery improves and overall total pressure loss reduces with increasing distributor diffuser area ratio, and the increased flow rates through the distributor diffuser gave rise to a higher total pressure loss. The total pressure loss fraction was less than 2.5% when Mach number changed from 0.3 to 0.38; if the area ratio was more than 2.1, the diffuser loss coefficient remained less than 0.3, pressure recovery coefficient more than 0.5 and area ratio up to 2.45. There exists an area ratio in 1.6∼2.0 which makes diffuser outlet flow field distribution more uniform; Baffle structure can adjust the flow field distribution of outlet diffuser. As a result, the distributor diffuser can be potentially satisfied with demands for high performance combustor.

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