This paper presents the extension and optimization of the Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd Dry Low Emission combustion system from the existing SGT-300 Single-Shaft turbine to the new SGT-300 Twin-Shaft engine. The SGT-300 Twin-Shaft combustion development follows the Siemens Product Development Process and the new engine is now validated for introduction to the market.

Different designs are tested and optimized at full engine pressure and temperature conditions in Lincoln, UK Siemens combustion high pressure rig facility. Optimized combustion design is installed to the new design SGT-300 Twin-Shaft engine to validate in the Siemens gas turbine test bed in Lincoln, UK.

Blocker bars have been designed and applied to the combustion rig to capture the acoustic signature of the nozzle guide vane. Traverse is performed in the high pressure rig to identity the combustor exit hot gas temperature map.

Emission turndown to 50% load with NOx < 9 ppm and CO < 10 ppm capability is one of the major Key Performance Indicators. The SGT-300 Twin-Shaft combustion system is optimized for excellent emission behavior in this load range. Additionally, some of the compressor delivery air is bypassed around the combustor to exhaust through the air bleed system at part load.

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