Optimization procedures are demanded by turbomachinery industries that enable to enhance compressor efficiency and wide operating ranges. Most of the design processes focuseither on aerodynamics or structure. However, the compressor design is an integration between aerodynamics and structure.

This paper presents some recent developments of the aerodynamic and structural integral design system. The design process including the meanline design, through-flow optimization and three-dimensional viscous analysis was used in the centrifugal compressor design. The aerodynamic and structural design need to be optimized at the same time. Normally most of the favorable aerodynamic features do not correspond with the structural reliability of the compressor wheel. The optimization between aerodynamic performance and structural reliability is critical to provide the maximal potential of the compressor performance. The main purpose of the current study is to discuss the importance of the aerodynamic and structural optimizations through a centrifugal compressor wheel lean effects. The study demonstrated that the integral design of the aerodynamics and structure is very important.

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