Proportionally large relative radial clearances can be found within the rear stages of multistage axial compressors of gas turbines and aero engines, with significant impact on their efficiency. A new three-dimensional design for cantilevered stators in axial compressors is presented, with the aim of improving the overall efficiency and losses of rear stage vanes with large relative hub clearances. The new vane design comprises an unconventional dihedral, with special consideration to reduce the losses caused by the hub clearance vortex. The design was tested in a 4-stage low speed axial research compressor under rear stage conditions. The results are compared to the nominal design to validate the reduction of hub clearance losses and blockage. For both designs, the hub clearances over the third and fourth stator were varied from 1.5% up to 6.0% of span. Overall performance data and flow field traverses upstream and downstream of stator 3 and rotor 4 will be presented in this article in comparison with 3D CFD results.

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