This is the second part of a series of two papers on unsteady CFD methods for the numerical simulation of aerodynamic noise generation and propagation. It focuses on the application of linearized RANS methods to turbomachinery noise problems. The convective and viscous fluxes of an existing URANS solver are linearized and the resulting unsteady linear equations are transfered into the frequency domain, thereby simplifying the solution problem from unsteady time-integration to a complex linear system. The linear system is solved using a parallel, preconditioned GMRES method with restarts. In order to prescribe disturbances due to rotor stator interaction a so-called gust boundary condition is implemented. Using this inhomogeneous boundary condition one can compute the generation of the acoustic modes and their near field progagation. The application of the time-linearized methods to a modern high-bypass ratio fan is investigated. The tonal fan noise predicted by the time-linearized solver is compared to numerical results presented in the first part and to measurements.

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