A numerical scheme for determination of wake propagation in downstream of a wind turbine was developed by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and analytical correlation. A 3bladed horizontal axis wind turbine was selected and airflow around the wind turbine was analyzed. The flow was assumed steady state and a pressure based approach was adopted to solve the governing equations in an unstructured grid distribution using parallel processing. In conjunction with governing equations, the kω – SST model was used for turbulence modeling. The formation of the wake behind the wind turbine was estimated and an appropriate equation was derived for velocity magnitude at the downstream of the wind turbine. Moreover, the suitable distances between wind turbines in wind and crosswind directions were estimated. Results show a good agreement between the previous researches and the comparison indicates that the CFD could be considered as a proper tool for determination of wake properties, windward and crosswind distance between wind turbines in a wind farm.

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