The aim of this paper is to propose an effective technique which employs a proportional-integral Fuzzy logic controller for the thrust regulation of small scale turbojet engines, capable of ensuring high performance in terms of response speed, precision and stability. Fuzzy rules have been chosen by logical deduction and some specific parameters of the closed loop control have been optimized using a numerical simulator, so as to achieve rapidity and stability of response, as well as absence of overshoots. The proposed Fuzzy logic controller has been tested on the Pegasus MK3 microturbine: the high response speed and precision of the proposed thrust control, revealed by the simulations, have been confirmed by several experimental tests with step response. Its stability has been demonstrated by means of the frequency response analysis of the system.

The proposed thrust control technique has general validity and can be applied to any small-scale turbojet engine, as well as to microturbines for electricity production, provided that thrust being substituted with the net mechanical power.

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