Past and current Navy maintenance philosophy in military systems is to perform maintenance at scheduled intervals based on manufacturer maintenance recommendations. For example, if a manufacturer recommends that lube oil filters require replacement every 300 operating hours, maintenance personnel replaced oil filters regardless of condition. The Rolls Royce Naval Marine INC (RRNMI) designed, RR4500 Auxiliary Turbine Generator (ATG) program has designed advanced system monitoring capable of indicating out of specified conditions warning shipboard personnel to take maintenance action. Using a variety of sensors and state-of-the-art micro-processing, the RR4500 ATG utilizes a combination of audible and visual alarms alerting operators of out of condition parameters. The warning system allows maintenance personnel to investigate potential system problems before more serious damage occurs. However, maintenance personnel rely on alarms rather than performance trending to commence maintenance actions which requires an unscheduled system shutdown to correct the problem. Condition Based and Predictive Maintenance utilizes trending of data, already captured by the Full Authority Digital Control (FADC), to predict a potential failure prior to the onset of an alarm or system shutdown. This maintenance philosophy is called Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). Maintenance actions are based on the condition of the hardware or system rather a scheduled maintenance plan. The proposed application of CBM and Predictive Maintenance for the RR4500 ATG will be presented.

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