This paper presents the results of the experimental campaign on the measurement of thermal contact conductance (TCC) in a realistic test rig replicating the contact between the ceramic heat shield and the liner for an ANSALDO Energia s.p.a. heavy-duty gas turbine. The designed test rig is made up of a single sector consisting of a combustor ceramic brick and a liner sector with a non-rigid ceramic fiber textile insulating layer in between, to better replicate the operating conditions of the combustor components.

The experimental campaign was carried out with a steady-state technique applying an uniform thermal load on the heat shield surface. The effect of brick-holders, that in the actual combustor anchor the bricks on the liner walls, was replicated with static loads.

The liner sector was tested without the brick-holder grooves first and afterwards their effect was assessed in the same test conditions; the test campaign also aimed at measuring the load cycling effect on TCC. Validation of the measured TCC was then performed with a finite element code to compare the predicted temperature profiles with the measured ones.

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