The first Siemens SGT5-8000H had extensively been tested in Simple Cycle in Irsching during 2008 and 2009. About 3000 sensors had been installed for monitoring of the engine operation, the results demonstrated that all performance targets have been exceeded.

Detailed measurements of pressure, temperature and flow were performed in the turbine flow path at various locations in circumferential and radial direction. The experimental test results in the turbine flow path have been used for additional detailed analysis of the fluid dynamics operation by a High Fidelity 3D CFD whole turbine model. This standardized whole turbine CFD process forms an important element in the Siemens design chain. The model was set up with all geometrical details to resolve all relevant flow features such as shrouds, cavities, coating, fillets etc.

This paper summarizes and compares the experimental test results with predicted CFD design values for overall thermodynamic operation and aerodynamics data at turbine outlet.

Besides the results from the Simple Cycle prototype test phase, performance test results are presented from recent measurements during customer acceptance testing in Combined Cycle in 2011. These results show a confirmation of the previously measured overall performance values after complete rebuild and re commissioning of the engine for combined cycle operation.

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