The education of engineers largely relies on traditional classroom teaching in which a teacher instructs a subject using a variety of techniques ranging from the traditional blackboard (nowadays also whiteboard), over overhead to computer-based presentations. In order to deepen knowledge and get hands-on experience, students are often given practical exercises or case studies to perform, be it individually or in group in the form of a seminar. It is experienced that black- (or white) board based lectures are having an advantage over overheads / slide shows as knowledge is built up instantaneously at a natural pace rather than confronting students with pages of prepared material. The present paper presents a new technique herein referred to as “podcasted whiteboard lectures” in which lectures are given in a traditional lecture hall setup but with having the teacher lecturing by means of an electronic whiteboard. A key advantage of this technique is that it can be recorded and made available to students afterwards, which is here done using podcasting. It is experienced that the technique is very efficient for maximizing the students’ learning experience as one is given the possibility to follow a subject ubiquitous and at preferred pace. Another advantage is that animations and simulations can be integrated right into the lecture and into the same medium used for lecturing. The technique is thereby equally applicable to campus as well as distance-based teaching.

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