In addition to their small size, miniature silicon pressure transducers offer wide-band frequency response. Taking advantage of the high-frequency response of these pressure transducers within an electrically noisy environment requires high bandwidth amplification and anti-alias filtering. This paper describes a signal conditioning amplifier that provides for linear phase filtering of a differential or single-ended input signal and outputs a differential signal. Differential signals are suitable for driving long cable runs that may be required when digital recording hardware cannot be located in close proximity to experimental apparatus. The design has also been shown to exhibit nearly constant group delay over the pass-band, reducing the need for substantial oversampling of the pressure transducer signals to avoid the nonlinear phase response typical of low-pass filters in the vicinity of their cut-off frequency. Testing has shown the module to provide a very flat pass-band response while achieving a high-order filter response at the cut-off frequency, along with excellent steady state DC accuracy.

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