In order to improve the safety, the lifetime and the energy efficiency of turbo machines, the dynamic behaviour of the rotor has to be analysed and optimized. Thus, rotor unbalances, dynamic deformations and blade vibrations as well as blade tip clearance changes have to be monitored during operation to optimize the rotor design and to validate numerical models. However, these are great challenges for metrology, since small, robust and non-contact measurement techniques are required offering both micrometer accuracy and microsecond temporal resolution which is not fulfilled with currently available measurement techniques. To solve this problem, we present in this contribution a miniaturized fiberoptic laser Doppler probe that measures simultaneously the in-plane velocity and the out-of-plane position of laterally moving objects. Experiments have been carried out demonstrating the capability of this sensor to measure engine order blade vibrations instantaneously. Assuming a single engine order and a known vibration frequency, only one laser Doppler probe is necessary to measure the vibration amplitude. Thus, in contrast to blade tip timing, only one optical access to the blade tip is sufficient to measure the vibration amplitude. Furthermore, the novel sensor performs even at composite materials such as strongly absorbing carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) which became more popular in rotors of turbo machines.

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