There is a strong interest in numerical and experimental research on syngas combustion in GTs however experimental studies require syngas generation which is costly and also provides a variable and dirty fuel gas. To investigate the combustion behaviour and GT performance when fuelled with low LHV syngas, nitrogen diluted natural gas can be considered.

To this aim the micro gas turbine (mGT) available at the IPRP (Integrated Pyrolysis Regenerated Plant) pilot facility of the University of Perugia, modified to use biomass pyrolysis gas, was fuelled with a CH4−N2 mixtures at different part load conditions obtained from pipeline (CH4) and cylinders (N2). The aim of the work is to analyze the functioning condition of the mGT which is monitored by a dedicated data acquisition system. Performances are evaluated and discussed showing that nitrogen dilution does not affect significantly efficiency and NOx production while CO emission increase slightly when increasing nitrogen content and this is more evident when decreasing the load.

A CFD model of the combustion chamber, which was developed and tuned in previous works by the authors, was also run to reproduce experimental data showing a good agreement and also suggesting flame detachment in the mixing tube when nitrogen is present.

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