This paper discusses thrust reverser techniques for a mixed exhaust high bypass ratio turbofan engine and its effect on aircraft and engine performance. The turbofan engine chosen for this study was CUTS_TF (Cranfield University Three Spool Turbofan) which is similar to Rolls-Royce TRENT 772 engine and the information available for this engine in the public domain is used for the engine performance analysis along with the Gas Turbine Performance Software, GasTurb 10. The CUTEA (Cranfield University Twin Engine Aircraft) which is similar to the Airbus A330 is used along side with the engine model for the thrust reverser performance calculations. The aim of this research paper is to investigate the effects on mixed exhaust engine performance due to the pivoting door type thrust reverser deployment. The paper looks into the engine off-design performance characteristics and how the engine components get affected when the thrust reverser come into operation. This includes the changes into the operating point of fan, IP compressor, HP compressor, HP turbine, IP turbine, LP turbine and the engine exhaust nozzle. Also, the reverser deployment effect on aircraft, deceleration time and landing distances are discussed.

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