In this paper we present an innovative Partially Averaged Navier Stokes (PANS) approach for the simulation of turbomachinery flows. The elliptic relaxation k-ε-ζ-f model was used as baseline Unsteady Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes (URANS) model for the derivation of the PANS formulation. The well established T-FlowS unstructured finite volume in-house code was used for the computations. A preliminary assessment of the developed formulation was carried out on a 2D hill flow that represents a very demanding test case for turbulence models. The turbomachinery flow here investigated reproduces the experimental campaign carried out at Virginia Tech on a linear compressor cascade with tip leakage. Their measurements were used for comparisons with numerical results. The predictive capabilities of the model were assessed through the analysis of the flow field. Then an investigation of the blade passage, where experiments were not available, was carried out to detect the main loss sources.

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