Mistuning has traditionally been modeled through the changes in Young’s moduli of blades, or equivalently through perturbations in the stiffness matrices associated with blades’ degrees of freedom. Such a mistuning is termed as Frequency Mistuning because it alters the blade alone frequencies without altering the mode shapes component associated with the blades. Many reduced order models have been developed for frequency mistuning [1–7]. Although frequency mistuning has been developed for Young’s Modulus mistuning, it is applied to geometric mistuning in the literature. In this paper frequency mistuning is applied to a geometrically mistuned system and the results from Subset of Nominal Modes (SNM) [5] technique, a reduced order model based on frequency mistuning, are compared with those from Modified Modal Domain Analysis (MMDA). It is shown that frequency mistuning analysis is unable to capture the effects of geometric mistuning in general, whereas MMDA provides accurate estimates of natural frequencies, mode shapes and forced response.

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