A novel wireless device which transfers supply power through induction to rotating operational amplifiers and transmits low voltage AC signals to and from a rotating body by way of radio telemetry has been successfully demonstrated in the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) Dynamic Spin Test Facility. In the demonstration described herein, a rotating operational amplifier provides controllable AC power to a piezoelectric patch epoxied to the surface of a rotating Ti plate. The amplitude and phase of the sinusoidal voltage command signal, transmitted wirelessly to the amplifier, was tuned to completely suppress the 3rd bending resonant vibration of the plate. The plate’s 3rd bending resonance was excited using rotating magnetic bearing excitation while it spun at slow speed in a vacuum chamber. A second patch on the opposite side of the plate was used as a sensor. This paper discusses the characteristics of this novel device, the details of a spin test, results from a preliminary demonstration, and future plans.

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