Rotor bearing systems on ships usually work in inclined states when ships are swaying in wave and wind. The inclined status will affect the lubricant condition of journal bearing and bring about changes of the dynamic characteristics of the rotor system. To study the periodic solution stability of inclined rotor journal bearing system, Capone’s short bearing model is employed to describe the journal bearing support properties. Considering the inclination induced change of bearing radial load, the dynamic equation of inclined rotor system is established by using finite element method. The periodic solution stability is discussed based on bifurcation and response analysis. With the increase of rotating speed, instability of period-1 motion happens and oil whirl occurs. The motion then develops into a kind of quasi-periodic motion. Two special cases of inclined rotor system, the horizontal and the vertical cases, are compared and discussed. Both of the numerical and the experimental results show that the periodic solution unstable threshold decreases with the increase of rotor inclination angle. At last, some experimental results about influences of experiments conditions on rotor system stability are given.

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