The effects of axial row-spacing for double jet film-cooling (DJFC) with compound angle on the cooling characteristics under different blowing ratios were investigated numerically. First, the flow fields and cooling effectiveness of DJFC on flat plate with different axial row-spacing were calculated. Film-cooling with fan-shaped or cylindrical holes was also calculated for the comparison. The results indicate that a larger axial row-spacing is helpful to form the anti-kidney vortex and to improve the cooling effectiveness. The DJFC was then applied to the suction and pressure surface of a real turbine inlet guide vane. Comparisons of film-cooling effectiveness with the cylindrical and fan-shaped holes were also conducted. The results for the guide vane show that on the suction surface the DJFC with a larger axial row-spacing leads to better film coverage and better film-cooling effectiveness than the cylindrical or fan-shaped holes. On the pressure surface, however, the film-cooling with fan-shaped holes is superior to the others.

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