Fuel gas compressors are required to supply fuel gas to the gas turbine engines for compressor trains or generation sets, especially those used for offshore application such as FPSO (Floating Production, Storage & Off-loading) or FSRU (Floating Storage Re-gasification Unit). These gas turbine engines driven package are increasing in number to meet the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) market demand. Thus a significant number of fuel gas compressors are required to meet these demands. In this study the centrifugal type fuel gas compressor has been researched to compete against existing screw or reciprocation type compressors for offshore application and is the first developed in the world. The natural gas being pumped consisted of methane with more than 85% from 5.2barG to 58barG with a 42°C inlet temperature of each stage. The impeller type chosen is open as the result of structural analysis. A dry gas seal is selected to tandem type. The core parts consist of 3 stages, bull gear, pinion gears, bearings and dry gas seals. Package layout is designed considering compactness and rational placement.

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