Results from an engineering investigation, including findings, root cause and corrective action of a ETF40B compressor incident, are presented in this paper. Vericor’s ETF40B is used to power US NAVY Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) vehicles that have undergone the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP). This paper discusses the initial review of the failed engine, the results of the engineering investigation that led to identifying root cause and the successful validation testing providing fleet corrective action. This paper will present the history of the investigation, the metallurgical analysis findings, the finite element stress analysis results performed on the blade, the Fourier analysis performed on the bleed system and engine testing conducted to verify the investigation analysis. Additionally, this paper will discuss what caused the high stress levels in the blade along with the subsequent analysis conducted to define modifications to correct the problem. The paper will conclude with the testing conducted to verify the design solution and how the final field and production compressor changes were incorporated.

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