With continuous advances in gas turbine technology, wider breadth of fuel quality burnt and ever growing expectations of; longer life, higher efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements, the filtration of the air entering the gas turbine (GT) has never been more important to meeting its operational requirements. Gas turbines are used throughout the world in an ever increasing diversity of application and environment. This presents a number of challenges to the air filtration system, that require unique solutions for each subset of environment specific challenge, gas turbine platform technology and fuel quality being burnt. This paper discusses the importance of air filtration to a modern GT and how this has changed over time and it’s shifting operational requirements. It explores the challenges facing the air filtration system presented by the different; environments, GT technologies and fuel quality. The paper details what approaches and filtration technologies are currently used to address these challenges, with strengths and weaknesses explained as appropriate, to finally present a strategy for specifying an optimized filtration system to meet the challenges of the modern GT.

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