Repowering of an existing steam power plant by means of solar concentrating collectors is examined as a viable option to decrease CO2 emissions and increase electric power production during daytime peak load energy demanding hours. In the proposed scheme, the regenerative bleeds from the steam turbine are partially intercepted while boiler feed-water is heated by means of parabolic solar trough concentrating collectors. It is considered that fossil boiler, steam turbine and condenser are the same of the original plant, without modifications. After choosing a steam cycle reproducing an existing power plant, the scheme of solar repowering is examined and the efficiency of conversion of the solar energy is optimized in relation to the characteristics of the solar collector. The paper shows that the modified scheme produces very little effects on the working conditions of the existing components, either at full load or partial load, and does not reduce the conversion efficiency of the fossil fuel. In comparison with solar thermal power plants with heat storage and only solar energy as thermal input, the proposed scheme is expected to have comparable efficiency but lower costs per kWh produced, as a consequence of the fact that there is no need for steam turbine, condenser, cooling tower and auxiliary boiler. Moreover it is expected that personnel and maintenance costs will be lower.

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