In this paper, the effect of geometrical nonlinear terms, caused by a space fixed point force, on the frequencies of oscillations of a rotating disk with clamped-free boundary conditions is investigated. The nonlinear geometrical equations of motion are based on Von Karman plate theory. Using the eigenfunctions of a stationary disk as approximating functions in Galerkin’s method, the equations of motion are transformed into a set of coupled nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs). These equations are then used to find the equilibrium positions of the disk at different discrete blade speeds. At any given speed, the governing equations are linearized about the equilibrium solution of the disk under the application of a space fixed external force. These linearized equations are then used to find the oscillation frequencies of the disk considering the effect of large deformation. Using multi mode approximation and different levels of nonlinearity, the frequency response of the disk considering the effect of geometrical nonlinear terms are studied. It is found that at the linear critical speed, the nonlinear frequency of the corresponding mode is not zero. Results are presented that illustrate the effect of the magnitude of disk displacement upon the frequency response characteristics. It is also found that for each mode, including the effect of the geometrical nonlinear terms due to the applied load causes a separation in the frequency responses of its backward and forward traveling waves when the disk is stationary. This effect is similar to the effect of a space fixed constraint in the linear problem. In order to verify the numerical results, experiments are conducted and the results are presented.

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