The 6th European Frame Work Programme project AITEB-2 (Aero-thermal Investigations of Turbine Endwalls and Blades), started in March 2005 and was completed in August 2009. The project consortium of 17 partners brought together major European aero engine and gas turbine manufactures as well as leading European experts in the field of aero-thermodynamics to jointly address future challenges associated with the design of turbine components which are feasible from an aerodynamic, aero-thermal, economic and environmental point of view. The results presented show that the project was conducted successfully. Whereas not all of the ambitious project targets could be achieved, the outcome of both experimental and numerical efforts in the technical work packages lead to significant contributions to a) increased turbine efficiency, b) savings in cooling flows, c) aero-thermal technology for shorter turbine inter-ducts and, d) substantial savings in turn-around times within automated CFD based optimisation approaches.

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