The heat transfer in rotating cavities as found in the internal air system of gas turbines is mainly governed by the flow passing through these specific machine structures. Therefore the understanding of the local heat transfer in the rotating cavities relies on the knowledge about the flow structure created by the specific flow modes of interest. The core rotation ratio represents the circumferential velocity, which is suspected to be a flow parameter of significant influence on the heat transfer in rotating cavities flown through in radial direction. Therefore this paper is focussed on the deduction of the core rotation ratio and the estimation of its local distribution using telemetric pressure measurements. The local core rotation ratio is connected to the radial pressure distribution in the rotating cavity system. This permits to deduce an integral core rotation ratio from pressure measurements in the rotating cavity system. A flow structure based approximation of the measurements permits to estimate the radial distribution of the core rotation ratio in the rotating cavity. The results of the measurements with varied flow rates and revolving speeds is presented as well as a discussion of the fit parameters and its dependency on the operation mode of the test rig.

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