This proposal fully complies to the demands of a zero emission power plant since only hydrogen and oxygen as obtained from splitting water are provided as fuel in a working gas cycle of pure water. Distributed power plants based on solar radiation, solar heat, wind power and water power from river flow, tidal flow and even wave motion should drive electrolysers producing hydrogen and oxygen. The units are connected with a pipeline system delivering hydrogen and oxygen at high pressure into respective storage tanks in the vicinity of the proposed power plant. So periods of generation of hydrogen and oxygen can overlap and these fuel gases are available to produce peak power according to demand. The proposed plant is an hybrid plant incorporating SOFC fuel cells into an innovative power cycle with steam as working fluid. Twelve fuel cells of 2.5 MW power produce electricity and heat up working fluid from 600 to 800°C. In a succeeding combustion chamber the fuel cell surplus hydrogen as well as the gas turbine hydrogen demand is burned with pure oxygen leading to a working gas (steam) of 1550°C and 40 bar. The working gas is expanded in an innovative cycle producing additional 109 MW of electrical energy. So an overall output of 139 MW can be achieved with a thermal efficiency of 73.8% based on fuel taken from the storage tanks for hydrogen and oxygen at 60 bar.

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