Propene (C3H6) is an important constituent of practical hydrocarbons fuels and an important intermediate in the combustion of these fuels. Furthermore, synthetic gases such as biogenic gas mixtures not only consist of hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide, but also of small amounts of higher hydrocarbons, in different proportions, including propene. In the present work, a detailed propene sub-model was constructed starting from an in-house reaction model (DLR-LS) shown previously to describe major combustion properties including PAH and soot formation for several different fuel air flames. The predictive capability of the detailed propene submodel concerning laminar flame speed and ignition delay time of different propene-oxygen mixtures will be discussed. These data are needed to describe the heat release and to predict the possibility of a flashback. From these comparisons, it is concluded that the extended propene sub-model is capable to predict combustion properties of propene-oxygen gas mixtures.

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