The correct simulation of power plant behavior over a variety of operating conditions has to be extremely detailed in order to provide reliable help to the turbomachinery developers. The latter instance implies for designers and commercial personnel to be equipped with reliable calculation tools (in-house developed or commercial). In particular, Performance Analysis Codes (PACs) allow the designers to analyze different system configurations. To predict off-design behavior, these codes need to be not limited to thermodynamic analysis, but also able to perform a simplified description of each component that require a specific set of correlations. The selection of suitable correlation sets for compressor IGV airfoils could be very difficult. This paper deal with a procedure based on 2D-CFD analysis to provide a reliable evaluation of compressor IGV airfoils deviation and profile loss coefficients in a wide range of operating condition. The analysis were set up on the IGV of the Ansaldo Energia AE94.3A compressor and the developed correlations were successfully implemented in an in-house PAC called ESMS.

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